Q: What is Tattoo Vanish®?
A: Tattoo Vanish®  is the world’s original and best ALL NATURAL, Non-LASER Tattoo Removal Method available today. The product and method of tattoo removal, is non-toxic and completely removes the ink through the skin externally and not throughout the body like LASER does. It is the safest medically sound alternative to LASER, surgical excision or dermabrasion. Tattoo Vanish® is the world’s FIRST proven ALL NATURAL method and product.
Unlike LASER tattoo removal, Tattoo Vanish® is less painful, far safer, more cost effective as it requires 50%-70% fewer treatments for complete removal, and is the only method that will remove all ink colors.  It can even remove pigment that has been spread out or blackened from a LASER!
The Tattoo Vanish® Method and Product was developed in 2003 by the company founder, Mary Arnold-Ronish.  With more than 30 years of experience as a registered nurse with heavy focus in the field of dermatology she was very knowledgeable dealing with skin health and various treatments.
Q: How does Tattoo Vanish® Work?
A: We apply a local anesthetic before and during the procedure using the tattoo machine in a similar manner as when the tattoo was received. Once the area has been exposed, we apply the Ink Eraser for a few minutes. The area is then wiped clean and bandaged. You will be furnished with written After Care Instructions to ensure the treatment’s effectiveness and your full recovery.
Q: How Quick are results?
A: There are a variety of methods used by tattoo artists all over the world. Depending on the skin type, ink used and certain other factors will determine the results. Because of this, Tattoo Vanish® offers FREE consultations.In general Tattoo Vanish® could reduce treatments from 50% to 75% compared to other methods including LASER. There may be some lightening of the ink after just one treatment.
Q: Are there any complications?
A: Before going through the Tattoo Vanish® procedure we offer a FREE consultation. Keep in mind that the procedure may include the risk of scarring, lightening and/or darkening of the treated area depending on the body’s reaction. Following the After Care Instructions is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE to ensure a quick and successful recovery.
Q: How painful are the treatments?
A: Everyone’s tolerance for pain varies, but with Tattoo Vanish® we will consider your safety and your comfort with every procedure. That is why we will use topical anesthetic before and during treatment, so you can experience little to no discomfort.
Q: How many treatments are needed?
A: There are a number of factors which will dictate this including health, the depth of the ink, which type of ink was used and the size of the tattoo. Smaller tattoos may require only 1-3 treatments. Tattoo Vanish® will lighten or remove any color, unlike LASER which can only remove certain colors successfully.
Q: What colors are most difficult to remove?
A: On a scale typically BLACK and RED are easiest. Colors like GREEN, YELLOW and ORANGE (most brighter colors) tend to take a bit longer, however this is with Laser since laser can only pick up certain pigments (as in laser hair removal) lighter colors are more difficult for the laser to read or see, this is why Tattoo Vanish® is a better alternative.
Q: Are appointments necessary?
A: YES! While the consultation is FREE, an appointment must be set to ensure that the technician thoroughly explains the process and gathers necessary client history in order to quote a price for the procedure. When time allows the procedure may be performed the same day as the consultation if all expectations have been met. Call to schedule a FREE consultation today! 210-396-8515




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