All Natural Tattoo Removal

To Better Understand a Proper removal You should first understand the Anatomy of a Tattoo. As we know a Tattoo is basically an artistic injury to the skin. Ink is placed into the dermis where it actually for lack of a better term floats directly under the Epidermis. The Epidermis which is the layer of skin that we can touch is always changing every 35 days our skin replaces itself slowly it acts as a window to the Dermis and is semi translucent. So your tattoo is floating under that skin window. Once the tattoo heals over and the skin is smooth once more you will see the result of the finished product good or bad, hopefully good. 


One of the most popular forms of removal is (LTR) Laser tattoo removal, however LTR can be a hazard to ones health in the long run.

Why? Not only because of scarring but because LTR flushes the ink into the body and it is said that it is flushed out through the lymph system. The lymph system typically will flush some but not all of the ink out, the ink will also look for other areas to attach itself like major organs (Heart, Lungs, Kidneys and Liver) tattoo ink has no business being there and it can be toxic. Ink has it's own regulations and one is not for our internal system and vital organs. 






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